Registered / Interested Tournament Particpants

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Registered / Interested Tournament Particpants

Post by ElectricValkyrie on Fri Sep 06, 2013 1:19 pm

Please note. This is an early list that shows players that are interested in participating. It is not a final list of who is registered for the bracket. I still have to check back with them to confirm their participation. I will update their status once it is confirmed. Again, once the player registers, they will give me the character that they will enter the tournament with, so this is just aliases for now.

Players List as of September 17th 2013 (6 participants)

  • Alpheta (Registered) [Lime]
  • EnergySwordX (interested)
  • XlDJYlX (Registered)
  • HumanBeing (Registered)
  • Panics (interested)
  • Ralph61 (Registered)
  • SensualHealer "etc" (Registered)  
  • SiegSeek (interested)
  • UlrtraKnight (Registered) [Sieg]

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