Hey everyone ElectricValkyrie here (Admin)

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Hey everyone ElectricValkyrie here (Admin)

Post by ElectricValkyrie on Mon Sep 02, 2013 9:16 pm

Greetings fellow PVPers of Lunia. Thanks for your continued support as I know Lunia is a "dying" MMO. PVP is one of the greatest aspects of the game, imo, and it is the main reason I keep coming back. 

About myself, as mentioned, I am the admin of this forum. I created it on the whim, as I knew that there were no official forums and I wanted a place to discuss tournaments and class PVP strategies. ElectricValkyrie (no space) is my in-game name, and my main is Arta. How did I come up with my name? No idea, I guess I have a thing for valkyries Very Happy  (love the Valkyria Chronicles series btw). I also play Asuka on the side, gave up on playing Arien, and really want to get better with Iris. One day I may get some inspiration to level a Ryan from 1-70 and master him. This all relates to PVP ofcourse. 

You will often see me in the US-East and US-West lobbies. I may lag a little more on US-West but it is typically fine for me. One reason I picked up Arta was because I saw a general lack of people using her in PVP. She is a tricky character to learn so to say, with some unorthodox "combos". SeaLavender (or Lavendar) is the Arta main I look up to the most, he is much better than me. Aside from being a better comboer than me, he has the 9th degree heavy hitter tag (legit). 

That's pretty much it. I only log on to PVP so, unfortunately, if you want to hit me up for some PVE action, most cases I won't be interested. However, I may get to 85 some day if I feel like it.

I have a youtube channel with Lunia PVP videos so check it out sometime.


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